Top Reasons to Get Married at a Restaurant

Posted on: 15 September 2021

When you're considering potential wedding venues, a restaurant may not be high on your list. Despite not being an obvious venue of choice, they come with a lot of perks. If you're yet to consider using one, here are some reasons to do so.

The Amazing Food

The food you serve after your wedding can make or break the day. If a caterer proves to be unreliable or struggles to cook in your chosen setting, you might not look back on your day with fond memories. With a restaurant, you know they have all their equipment there and they're used to cooking for large crowds. If you're a regular there, you'll already know whether the chefs are experts at their craft.

The Intimate Setting

Depending on the size of the restaurant you choose, it won't feel as domineering as a traditional wedding venue. In fact, many may only seat just under 100, making them perfect for a small wedding. If you're planning on having a wedding that's small and designed for very close loved ones only, a restaurant allows you to do so without feeling drowned by your setting.

A  Budget-Friendly Option

If you're renting out the restaurant in its entirety, it may prove to be expensive. However, if you choose a restaurant that has private dining spaces you'll probably treat yourself to a budget-friendly option that's still magical. When renting a private dining space, make sure the price you're paying covers the cost of servers too.

All the Equipment is There

If the thought of hiring serving staff, glasses, and crockery sends your head into a spin, using a restaurant as a wedding venue can solve a lot of your problems. Since the waiting staff, glasses, and all the other trimmings are a part of everyday life at restaurants, they're available as standard. Even better still, you probably won't need to worry about clearing away at the end of the event.

A Great Drinks Selection

When the majority of your guest list have specific ideas about what makes a wine great, having a full menu to choose from makes life easier. Similarly, if there's the occasional guest who prefers spirits or beer over wine, they can pick from the restaurant menu too. This won't stop you from negotiating a wine cover charge, but it does mean there are options available for those who like to do something different.

It's time to start exploring your options. Contact various wedding venues to learn more.