• What's the difference between cheap steak and expensive steak?

    If you are heading out to a classy steak restaurant for dinner, you might be wondering what the difference is between the expensive steaks and the cheaper ones you can get at the local pub. Here are some things that contribute to the price difference. The cut of meat A gristly cut of meat with nerves and sinew sells for a lower price than a prime cut where you can easily eat all of the steak.
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  • Nice and spicy - how to find really hot Indian food

    For those Aussies with taste buds that like some sizzle, much of the Australian diet can seem a little bland. If you like some really hot and spicy curries, here are some tips on finding an excellent and extra hot Indian restaurant in your area. Choose your region While many curry houses offer food from a range of Indian states, some specialise in just one region or state. The Goa based cuisine is known for it's super spicy vindaloos, while some of the Kerala curries are also known as mouth wateringly hot.
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  • Fine Dining | 3 Tips To Impress Your Date At A Fine Dining Restaurant

    If you're looking to make a good impression on your first date, then taking her to a fine dining restaurant is a great idea because it provides the ideal soft and romantic setting you desire. Fine dining restaurants not only provide you with a dreamy backdrop, but their quiet surroundings make it easy for you to get to know your date better –– turning it into a successful evening. To help you in your quest to impress your date at a fine dining restaurant, follow these smart tips.
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