Why Switch to Serving Bistro-Style Food?

Posted on: 9 April 2019

If you run a pub or a café, then there are all sorts of different culinary options you can put before your customers. Increasingly, Australians are finding favour with the European style of bistro food. You will find bistros all over France and Italy. They are often not considered to be fully fledged restaurants in these countries but a less formal place for socialising and dining. What is great about this style of food is that you can reproduce quite easily on the menus of typical Australian pubs and cafés. If you are considering switching your menu to something a little more chic, like bistro food, then what are the potential benefits for your business?

Offer an On-Trend Alternative

Firstly, if you have a bistro-style menu, then your dining establishment will instantly appear that little bit more trendy. Bistro food may not be fine dining, but it is a cut above the sort of thing that you get served in most Australian places these days. By introducing something new, you can attract a new clientele which is searching for a dining experience that is that little bit different from the run of the mill without making wholesale changes.

Retain a High Turnover

Bistro food is relatively quick to serve. You do not need a very experienced chef to be able to produce it. All of your kitchen staff should be able to be trained to cook and serve bistro-style food within a short space of time. What's more, because it is relatively quick to turn around, you can serve it in a café-style establishment. Essentially, this means that bistro food is suited to restaurants which are open all day long serving lots of covers rather than needing to conform to the more standardised mealtimes found in formal restaurants.

Boost Your Profits

When you start to look at the ingredients which are included on a typical bistro-style menu, you can see items on there which will cost a little more than things like burgers, hot dogs and chips. However, a bistro-style establishment is able to charge a premium for serving this sort of food so the additional costs should not put you off. Once the idea has caught on that your restaurant is serving higher-quality dishes, you should be able to operate with a greater level of profitability. Crucially, this is achieved without having to compromise on the number of customers you can serve during a typical day. It remains informal dining, after all.