How to order a healthier pizza

Posted on: 27 November 2018

Everyone loves a delicious Italian pizza for a treat now and again. Unfortunately, like most delicious things, it can wreak havoc on the waistline if you overindulge. But this doesn't mean that you need to swap your Italian pizza for a salad or opt for any kind of ridiculousness like a cauliflower crust. In fact, you can still dine out at your favourite pizzeria now and again. You simply have to make some sensible decisions when you place your order. Here are a few tips.

Switch to a thin crust. If you are a deep dish lover, you might want to reconsider your crust of choice and switch to a thin crust. When you think of the calories on a pizza, you might be thinking of all that mozzarella — and yes you have a point — but there's also a whole lot of bread involved, and you could slash the carbs in half by switching the crust. At the end of the day, you'll still be eating a delicious Italian pizza with your favourite toppings, so there is no harm done.

Order half the cheese. You're a pizza lover, so the idea of ordering a pizza pie without cheese is complete nonsense, but could you reduce the amount of cheese? Cheese is actually the kind of food where a little can go a long way, and a slice doesn't have to be dripping with cheese to be enjoyable. So next time you're in the pizzeria, ask for half the amount of cheese, and see if you survive. A good tip for reducing cheese intake is to actually switch to a stronger cheese, like a blue cheese. The taste is so strong that you require less of it to feel satisfied.

Try some vegetable toppings. Pizzas can vary hugely depending on the toppings you choose, and if you opt for a whole bunch of garden veggies, you can actually get a lot of vegetable consumption in for the day, courtesy of your pizza, and that's never a bad thing. If you're a typical sausage and pepperoni fiend, switch it up for a change and go for some delicious artichokes, aubergine, olives, courgette, plump baby tomatoes and maybe even a heaping handful of rocket leaves. Don't worry, you can still have some cheese on there.

Follow these tips and your next Italian pizza won't have to be such a guilt trip. Enjoy!