Why Choose a Seafood Restaurant for Your Weekly Nursing Home Outing

Posted on: 21 November 2017

If you like taking your parent or family member out of their nursing home on a regular basis, there's few better places to go than a seafood restaurant. Here's why you should make a delicious fish meal part of your weekly outing.

It's Great For Senior Health

One of the best and easiest ways for seniors to improve their health is to eat a healthy diet. Fish and seafood is an essential part of a nutritious diet for all ages, but it has numerous benefits for seniors. The omega-3 fatty acids in seafood keep seniors' hearts healthy, reducing age-related problems like heart disease and stroke. Omega-3 also lessens the risk of vision loss, keeps ageing bones and joints healthy, and has even been shown to possibly reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

While most nursing homes design their menus with nutrition in mind, many abstain from including too much fish as it can be difficult and time consuming to cook well. Others fail to make their fish dishes appetising, making choosier eaters reluctant to eat any seafood at all. Taking your ageing family member out to a delicious seafood restaurant on a regular basis can help keep their omega-3 levels high and their bodies healthy.

It's Exciting But Not Stressful

One of the main reasons people in nursing homes like to go on regular outings is to bring some excitement back into their lives. Of course, many typical exciting activities can be stressful with an ageing family member in tow, especially if their health makes it difficult for them to get around. Many fun places like zoos, cinemas and even beaches aren't as accessible as they should be for people with mobility issues, so families often have to choose between stressful excursions or repetitive visits to shops and parks.

Instead of organising regular outings that are so difficult you can't enjoy them, opt for a type of excitement that's easy for people of all ages to enjoy: culinary stimulation. Nursing home residents tend to eat the same food every week, so something as simple as a trip to a seafood restaurant can be just as exciting as a journey outdoors. Seafood restaurants have tons of delicious dishes with plenty of variety. Seniors can try something new every time they visit, and the rich flavour of fish is great for those who are losing their sense of taste.

It'll Get the Whole Family Communicating

The other big reason nursing home outings are so important for seniors is that they're an opportunity for the whole family to get together and communicate. There are few better atmospheres for conversation than a restaurant. Even if nothing worth talking about has happened during the week, delicious seafood can prompt conversation on everything from favourite foods to childhood fishing memories. Best of all, when you're eating a great meal, it's easy to keep your eyes off gadgets like phones and tablets. This makes seafood restaurants great for outings with kids who'd usually rather text their friends than connect with their grandparents.