Nice and spicy - how to find really hot Indian food

Posted on: 4 December 2015

For those Aussies with taste buds that like some sizzle, much of the Australian diet can seem a little bland. If you like some really hot and spicy curries, here are some tips on finding an excellent and extra hot Indian restaurant in your area.

Choose your region

While many curry houses offer food from a range of Indian states, some specialise in just one region or state. The Goa based cuisine is known for it's super spicy vindaloos, while some of the Kerala curries are also known as mouth wateringly hot. If you are a curry fan it can be a lot of fun to try a specialist house to see what less common curries they might have on their menus.

Equally, some of the spiciest dishes such as 'phaal' are actually from India via Birmingham in the UK. The 'Brum' curry houses have a unique approach to cooking and have made some interesting and spicy dishes you might not find elsewhere.

Find a long standing restaurant

While many restaurants come and go, a great curry house will usually find a loyal clientele. If you can find a restaurant that has been in business for decades you can be assured that they have perfected some unique and delicious recipes. This is especially true if the restaurant is in a region with a lot of Indian migrants, who can compare the curries with their favourite dishes from childhood.

Equally a restaurant that has the chef's name at the front is a sure sign that the chef is making meals that he or she is proud of, and that their name might help attract customers.

Check the sports pages

Many of the popular Australian curry houses have gained a loyal following with both local cricketers and some of the big name cricketers from India and Pakistan. Check out where the cricketers head when they are in town and you might find some new and delicious curry houses you never knew about before.

If you are craving something super spicy and suspect that your local Indian won't be spicy enough you can always ask the chef to make it extra spicy. Indian cooking is very much focused on the taste experience of the consumer and doesn't concern itself overly with fussy recipes. As a result, the kitchen is usually happy to accommodate any tastes from mild to very hot. Why not head out for hot and spicy Indian curry tonight?

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